Otim S.r.l. - shearing drawing forming of cold rolled metals equipments designer and manufacturing Pedrengo Bergamo Italy
   Special Workings  

Otim S.r.l. executes the shearing of iron, steel, branch, brass and bronze particulars, with progressive or blocked moulds and also with units of thread for great series.

The car pool consists of friction presses from 20 to 315 ton. nearly all integrated with PLC for the regulations and the recognition of the moulds in order to limit the times of set-up. The interlocking equipment allows to execute particulars of different dimensions, starting from tapes of 8 x 0.23 milimeters to 550 x 5 milimeters and 700 x 2 milimeters.

Moreover, Otim S.r.l. has equipped itself in order to execute preholes and precables on belts used in profile.